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Nighttime Huck



LOOT: Daniel Nasaw, late of the Dem-Gaz, bylines a report in the Guardian on Mike Huckabee's fondness for loot. OK, by New York standards, his rake is chump change. But this is Arkansas, remember. Half-off at Wendy's and a loaner bass boat is pretty high cotton.

POLLS: CBS analyst thinks Iowa polls -- and obsession with the tiny band of unrepresentative voters who drive the outcome of the first nomination showdown -- may have driven Huck's national poll numbers. You think? That and a compliant press herd, as sappy as a junior high school girl about a warm smile and a pat on the back.

FIRST DAUGHTER: Time spotlights Sarah Huckabee, reportedly working 90 hours a week for pop.

IT IS TO LAUGH: Huckabee defends his women's rights record. OK, but give him this. He puts up with a, er, strong wife. And they don't come stouter -- and I mean that figuratively -- than his former chief of staff Brenda Turner.

Christmas party notes: Ran into a NY Times reporter in town for a, yes, Huckabee profile. Ninety-leven pages in the NY Times magazine this Sunday doesn't count as far as the news staff is concerned. If I thought I could score an invite to something other than the Micronesia/Guam inaugural ball for Huckabee (meaning a coveted ticket to the premier Arkansas ball isn't likely to be shipped to my address), I"d be shopping for a tux now.

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