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Financing source for Anti-Huckabee Travelers revealed!



In this week's paper we reported that a group of Arkansas Republicans campaigning against Mike Huckabee in Iowa was getting outside support, but that the anti-Hucksters couldn't reveal their beneficiary. Former state Rep. Randy Minton now says that the moneybags funding the trip is...Ron Paul.  I don't know that it's going to get Paul much above the four points he's polling in Iowa, but guess he needs some way to burn the millions he's collected.

Minton brought onetime candidate for lieutenant governor Jim Holt along with him. They've been hitting up the talk radio circuit, including a show hosted by Jan Mickelson. Minton also reported that the anti-Huckabee crew was lighter than expected: He said a second group of former Arkansas legislators -- this one unaffiliated with Paul -- scrapped plans to go to Iowa to badmouth the Huck.

UPDATE: Credit the Paultards who discredited our first account on this for eating their words. They should have trusted us in the first place.

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