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Why do they lie?



Big mistake, though one the Huckabee camp has committed before. When former aide Kamala Williams dumped documents on us demonstrating Mike Huckabee's greedy grab for the Governor's Mansion spending account, the Huckabee team suggested she somehow had made up the reams of documents, many personal memos unmistakably from Huckabee's pen.

Now the Huckabee team has made the mistake of questioning the validity of documents the governor's office received from women objecting to Wayne Dumond's proposed commutation. Murray Waas has obliged by posting letters from eight women on the Huffington Post, including from three women who said they were assaulted by Dumond. This didn't stop Huckabee, of course, from telling the Parole Board what an injustice had been done to poor Wayne nor from his releasing a letter the day Dumond was freed saying freedom for Dumond had been Huckabee's wish all along.

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