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Huckabee: Head to head



Further CNN polling shows Mike Huckabee, at the top of the Republican field in a three-way with Romney and Giuliani, badly trailing any major Democrat -- Hillary (by 10), Obama (by 15), Edwards (by 25).

But this is before the MSM gets through trashing the Dems and extolling Aw-Shucks Huck. The OBU ball is going to be something in D.C. If dry.

HOWEVER: David Corn at Mother Jones reports on some of Huckabee's religious pronouncements over the years, including his famous crack about Jesus missing the perfect chance to oppose capital punishment -- his. It's not a complete rundown. Missing, notably, is the women-as-servant-to-male-leadership statement. Also curiously missing at the archives of Pine Bluff and Texarkana churches are copies of Huckabee sermons. What? The tape ministry has shut down at Beech Street? A shame, that. Somebody call Gary Underwood. I bet he has copies.

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