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Election night open line UPDATE



Any topic welcome. But I have to be out of pocket. If someone hears the results of the Little Rock library millage, please let us know.

UPDATE: Re library election. With 77 percent of the vote tallied at 8:58 p.m., both proposals -- capital and operating millages -- are enjoying 59-40 support. Bobby Roberts' smart campaign, targeting traditional library supporters, seems to have worked, though he did poormouth the chances. Good news. A children's library near Highland Park. It could be a strike for midcity redevelopment.

UPDATE II: Final results, gives the library millage a 2-1 approval, better even than early results. This has precinct results. My voting place, two precincts at Pulaski Heights Presbyterian, went 421-63 for the tax, or 87 percent in favor. The farther west you went, the smaller the margin. Some precincts way west even opposed the tax.  (Do they read books in Chenal Valley?)

I've been away from the computer to join the Christmas party of the Community Advocates for Public Education, a grassroots support group for public schools chaired by Lou Ethel Nauden. In the crowd were all the folks who were driving forces and foot soldiers in the last school election, from John Walker on down. It was a lions and lambs night. Democrat-Gazette publisher Walter Hussman and his wife Ben joined the crowd. It happens that the new charter school that hopes to put 800 or so students in a building he owns at Third and Louisiana, was a subject of much discussion before his arrival. People talked. Not a bad thing.

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