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A CBS sports columnist makes great sport of befuddled coaching searches at Michigan and Arkansas. Read the following and wince:

Arkansas can't do anything right. Arkansas couldn't even fire the intensely fireable Houston Nutt, who bumbled around for years -- losing winnable games and alienating blindly loyal fans -- and still was begged to stay.

This is how bad Arkansas football has become: Houston Nutt took a paycut to leave ... for Ole Miss.

And now as it lurches for his replacement, Arkansas is making the Nutt era look serene and sensible. Arkansas can't find anybody good to take over a program that controls an entire state for recruiting purposes and also is able to dip into Texas and the deep South for talent. When it comes to football, Arkansas should be the perfect school. Instead it has become a fool. Or a tool.

The only thing Arkansas has done well since losing Nutt is obtain raises for coaches all over the South. Tommy Bowden used Arkansas to get a raise and an extension at Clemson, which I find amusing considering Bowden has produced something between squat and bupkis at Clemson. Tommy Tuberville used Arkansas to milk some extra money out of Auburn, which I find admirable considering the way Auburn tried to go behind Tuberville's back with that tramp Bobby Petrino in 2003. Since then Tuberville's salary has risen from $1.1 million to $3.8 million by 2013. When all is said and done, he could bankrupt the university and then parachute out for another job, where he will continue to kick Auburn's ass.


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