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The past is prologue



A reader mentioned the other day a recollection of a speech that Mike Huckabee gave -- perhaps as lt. gov., perhaps while preaching at a Conway church -- in which he may have made a statement about the ability to cure homosexuality with prayer.

Anybody else recall that? Have a clip? It would be a relevant side note in the latest discussion on Mike Huckabee's pronouncements on AIDS and gay people.

Also wondering: Where's Kamala Williams these days?

This noted in the Guardian:

 A clear-eyed view of Huckabee's candidacy though, reveals that this ordained southern Baptist minister is not just offbeat (he doesn't believe in evolution), but frightening. In fact, when it comes to women's rights, he ranks as one of the most terrifying presidential candidates in memory.

And Bonnie Erbe at U.S. News is is still mouth agape at Huckabee's performance, given his record.

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