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Andrew Sullivan: He writes about the latest episode of Mike Huckabee infallibility, his unswerving devotion to 1992 statements about gay people and AIDS.

I fail to grasp the distinction between "isolating the carriers of this plague" and quarantining. So he's refusing to take responsibility for his previous statements, refuses even to regret what he said, and has also failed to take the opportunity to revise his view of gay people. I guess we need to understand that even for the compassionate Christianists, the hostility to gay people's lives, relationships and dignity is deeply ingrained. There is no way for a leading Christianist to say anything supportive or inclusive of gay couples that will not kill him with the Republican base. The country and the civilized world may have moved in one direction, but the Republican party has been seized and is now owned by the faction that is bent on moving strongly in the other direction. Huckabee is not some kind of exception to this rule; he is the rule.

Andrew DeMillo reports on Huckabee's free-and-easy pardon record. I should have mentioned earlier that the Arkansas Leader has a web page rounding up its in-depth look at Huckabee's checkered record on executive clemency. The news today is that the Leader's page has gotten a headline on Drudge Report. That means wide exposure. It'll probably slam the Leader's server.

The Wall Street Journal opines unfavorably on his economic record and ideas, particularly the "fair tax."

Mr. Huckabee nonetheless writes that "when" his reform is enacted, "it will be like waving a magic wand releasing us from pain and unfairness." That glib naiveté should provide some indication of how seriously the former Governor has thought through the political and policy complications of his biggest idea--and also explain why, until recently, Mr. Huckabee was considered an implausible candidate.

Howard Kurtz writes about how Huckabee snowed the press.

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