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On the attack


The Club for Greed, er, Growth is stepping up its attack on Mike Huckabee's tax record, spending $175,000 to blunt his surge to the top of the Republican presidential field. It's on the jump.


Washington – Club for Growth.Net will begin running ads on Monday nationwide, urging taxpayers to call Mike Huckabee and challenge him on his tax policy (viewable here).

To emphasize Mike Huckabee’s eager support for tax increases, the ad excerpts a 2003 clip of Mike Huckabee rattling off a list of tax increases he deems acceptable.  While the former governor will argue that he had no choice and was bound by state law to balance the budget, the 2003 clip is emblematic of Huckabee’s ten-year tenure in which raising taxes was his first resort.  Many cities and states have balanced budget laws like Arkansas, but not all mayors and governors embrace higher taxes the way Mike Huckabee did.  Some actually cut government spending and waste in order to make ends meet.  But under Mike Huckabee’s tenure, the average Arkansas tax burden increased 47%.  Mike Huckabee’s support for tax hikes include:
·        1996 Sales Tax Hike: Huckabee campaigned for an amendment to raise the sales tax
·        1999 Gas and Diesel Fuel Tax Hike
·        2001 Cigarette Tax Hike
·        2001 Nursing Home Bed Tax
·        2002 Grocery Tax: Huckabee opposed repeal
·        2003 Income Surcharge Tax
·        2003 Tobacco Tax Hike
·        Taxes on Internet Access
·        2006 Beer Tax: Huckabee opposed letting the tax expire
“Mike Huckabee is telling folks that he cut taxes 94 times, but the truth is, Huckabee’s tax increases far surpassed his tax cuts, and taxpayers deserve to know the truth,” said Club for Growth.Net President Pat Toomey.  “The purpose of this ad is to educate taxpayers so they can ask Mike Huckabee why he supported all those tax increases.” 
The initial ad buy of $175,000 will run on broadcast TV and statewide cable in Iowa, on statewide cable in South Carolina, and on FOX News nationwide, with an expectation to dramatically increase the buy in the near future.  The script is below, documentation is attached, and a clip can be seen here
TV: 60 “United”
Right now a tax battle is raging in Washington
To stop massive tax hikes, conservatives have to be united
But listen to Mike Huckabee when he was Arkansas governor
There’s a lot of support for a tax at the wholesale level for tobacco, and that’s fine with me; I will very happily sign that
Others have suggested a surcharge on the income tax; that’s acceptable; I’m fine with that
Others have suggested perhaps a sales tax; that’s fine
Yet others have suggested a hybrid that would collect some monies from any one or a combination of those various ideas, and if that’s the plan that the House and Senate agree upon, you will have nothing but my profound thanks
[On screen: List of Huckabee’s tax hikes]
[On screen: 501-324-2008
Call Mike Huckabee.  Ask why he supported all those taxes.]
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