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And the winner is ...



Just in time for the new Hog coach from Wake Forest, John Brummett reviews the departure of Houston Nutt and the performance of other players in the ensuing coaching search and concludes the big winner is Houston Nutt.

He left on the high of a nationally acclaimed win on the road against a team that will play for the national championship. He got lathered with more than $3 million to resign. In a matter of minutes, he landed a better-paying job as the coach of Ole Miss, which, for the first time in a long time, may enter next season with better personnel than Arkansas.

There are at least two other winners. They are head coaches elsewhere who used our clumsy, desperate, humiliating, all-too-public overtures to leverage better deals for themselves where they were. Those would be Auburn's Tommy Tuberville, who runs the ball every bit as much as Houston, and Clemson's Tommy Bowden, who loses every bit as many games as Houston.

With a few more hours of prep time, Brummett could have added Demon Deac Grobe as a big winner. He nearly doubled his pay in the final latest act of the Great Hog Opera.

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