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How big a whopper was it?



The morning Huck has much to choose from, including:

When his former senior aide puts the lie to his alibi on working to free Wayne Dumond, what does Mike Huckabee do? Blame it on liberals, of course. Among those not buying: Talking Points Memo.

And then there's this from Editor and Publisher, repeating the smoking cannon of pardons aide Butch Reeves' disputation of his boss' account of the secret parole board meeting at which Huckabee lobbied for Dumond's release. This adds another former aide, David Sanders, to the pants-on-fire chorus:

ABC News' Brian Ross  is also out with a report in this vein today. It includes a quote from David J. Sanders, a political columnist for Stephens Media in Arkansas: "The record clearly shows now Mike Huckabee did advocate for Wayne Dumond's release. I think there are real questions about whether he has been forthright on this issue."

Waas added a surprising update later in the day, reporting that, contradicting Huckabee's claims, his former senior aide told Huffington Post that, as governor of Arkansas, "Huckabee indeed told the state's parole board that he supported the release of a convicted rapist."

The senior aide, Olan W. "Butch" Reeves, attended a controversial parole board meeting with Huckabee in Oct. 1996. "The clear impression that I came away with from the meeting was that he favored Dumond's release," Reeves said. "And I can understand why board members would believe that to be the case."

Huckabee had repeated at a press conference today that he "did not ask [the board] to do anything."

UPDATE: Here's a long statement from the Huckabee camp finally admitting after all these years that Huckabee indeed talked to the parole board at some length about Dumond and the injustice he'd suffered, but NOT, he insists, as an argument for parole. He merely was explaining why he'd earlier considered executive clemency for Dumond. Uh huh.

Also today: Under the heading, "They're Not the Ten Suggestions, Mr. Huckabee," and accompanied by a photo of the passage about false witness, Americablog's John Aravosis writes:

All politicians lie. But it takes a special kind of politician to be a liar and a preacher. That puts his lie in a special category of deception.

Also, I'm loving Huckabee's whine that it is not fair to bring this up -- that is, something from his record -- during the election season. Consider a candidate's record instead of his glib one-liners? What a horrible idea. Especially for a dishonest candidate.

DEJA VU ALL OVER AGAIN: Spotted on the streets downtown -- Newsweek's Mike Isikoff, captain of the panty posse during the late great Whitewater Etc. snipe hunt. His presence -- and that of other Newsweek writers -- indicates a cover story might be in the works. More hype? Or a little something contrarian? We'll see. Presumably Butch Reeves is now on Mike's to-see list.

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