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-- that some national writers take a look at the "fair tax," the 30 percent sales tax Mike Huckabee advocates to replace our current system.

Jonathan Chait in The New Republic: In a piece titled "Huckster," he eviscerates his tissue-thin ideas on economics. The bottom line:

The most embarrassing aspect of Huckabee's candidacy is his proposal to replace all federal taxes with a national sales tax, or "fair tax." It is difficult for me to find the words to explain just how crazy this idea is. The national sales tax is crazier, by an order of magnitude, than any other crazy idea I've seen at the national level. It's so crazy that even really crazy right-wingers think it's pretty crazy.

... Liberals are warming to Huckabee because, in addition to being a nice guy, he actually seems to believe that his party should do less for the rich and more for the poor. Well, it sure beats mean guys who want their party to do more for the rich and less for the poor. (Hi, Mayor Giuliani.) But it would be even better to find someone who combined those qualities with some idea of what he was talking about.


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