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Liberal columnist Susan Estrich thinks Mike Huckabee's rise is a sign of the weakness of the Republican field. She talks issues mentioned here before.

Huckabee is an interesting guy. He is a straight shooter, a former Baptist minister, a born-- not born-again--conservative.

But as a Democrat, am I worried about Hillary or Barack taking on this former Arkansas governor?

Not a little. Certainly not a lot.

Not only is he out of step with the rest of America, as opposed to the right tail of the right tail of the Republican party, which is to say the religious conservatives who dominate the caucus and primary process, on social issues, but his proposals in such areas as federal taxation and especially Social Security are enough to make any Democrat’s mouth water.

Elsewhere on the campaign front, USA Today has a large report on the Huckabee campaign that includes a bit of honest self-assessment from Mike "Banana Republic" Huckabee:

In the interview, Huckabee defends his experience and expresses delight about the upward course of his campaign. What's his biggest worry these days?

"That I'll say something totally off the wall that will be taken the wrong way," he replies. "I'm pretty free-wheeling … but there's a danger in it, and I know that. And I know that I'm working without a net, literally. When you're on the high wire and there's no net under you, you can't afford many falls."

And therein lies a question: Do we need a president with a hair-trigger lip?

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