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Jesus also hearts Huckabee



There he goes again:

We received a memo from Liberty "Falwell" University on November 30th, signed by Jonathan Falwell, son of the recently deceased Jerry -- and now overseer of the vast Liberty University/Moral Majority corporate empire.

According to Jonathan Falwell, presidential aspirant Mike Huckabee believes that it is God, not himself, who is behind his rise in the polls: "Mr. Huckabee also said that Divine providence was responsible for his recent surge in the polls in Iowa, as he noted that he is the candidate with much less capital firepower than his rivals."

Former Arkansas Governor Huckabee made his comments during a recent visit to the "hallowed" grounds of the Liberty University campus.

The Jesus card plays pretty well for Huckabee in Iowa, where he's now leading. Pat Robertson also did well in Iowa, if that tells you anything about Republican caucus-goers.

The Washington Post explains how Huck has tapped into a massive mailing list of conservative Christian voters.

Brummett comments that, with the recent debate, there's no doubt Huck is on a roll.

His stature is reflected in a (generally favorable) assessment of his taxing record in Ark. by the NY Times and a report on Romney's new focus on Huck. And the LA Times also has a friendly profile.


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