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Now, some inspection



At last, somebody with national stature (Michael Kinsley) gives  attention to presidential candidate Mike Huckabee's nutty "fair tax" proposal, which also was gigged in a Dem-Gaz editorial this morning. It's dishonest, overly complicated and unworkable, for starters.

With The Huckster's rise in the polls comes, at last, a little inspection.

For example, too, there's this from AP coverage in New Hampshire:

Often, Huckabee was more eloquent in describing problems than solutions. America must become energy-independent, he said, without explaining how. Security worries have made air travel unpleasant, he said, without detailing how he would change it.

He was more specific about Social Security. Americans should be offered "a tax-free buyout" of their stake in the program, he said, which would give them a lump of money to invest or spend while ending the government's "long-term obligation" to them.

A tax-free buyout of Social Security stakes? Wow. Do you think a few Americans might trade future security for a bass boat? Unfortunately, I do. Tinkering with the most successful government program ever in this fashion wold be lunacy.

However, the "Dean," increasingly out-of-touch David Broder, endorsed Huck for vice president on a McCain ticket.


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