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Air crash deaths



The LRPD's Terry Hastings just released the following statement (you'll find coverage of the crash on the Fox 16 link on our home page)

On Tuesday, November 27th, Little Rock Police Officer Rick Musticchi left Tulsa OK airport headed back to Little Rock flying a plane he had purchased. Shortly after leaving the airport, the plane developed a mechanical problem and crashed. Officer Musticchi survived the crash and he is in St. Francis Hospital in Tulsa. He is listed as serious, but stable condition at this time. Also flying with him were his wife Patricia and his father. They died as a result of the crash. Patricia is a long time city employee with the IT Department. Officer Musticchi joined the Little Rock Police Department in January of 1995. He is a Patrol Officer. Tulsa PD will release information on the crash this morning.

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