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More mush from the wimps



Here's the mash note I told you was coming from uber liberal Hendrik Hertzberg of the New Yorker for Mike Huckabee. It came with this friendly illustration.

His policy positions are awful, Hertzberg mentions in passing, but, gee, he's so nice about it. Whew! The liberal media are a bitch, aren't they?

And it's even mushier on Hertzberg's blog.

And one more thing: If this had been a Hillary Clinton speech, the fabled New Yorker fact checker would have been all over Huckabee's assertion that he was taught to duck and cover against nuclear attack as an elementary school student in Hope.

I'm five years older than Huck. I have the school-issued dog tags (for nuked body ID) to prove it. And even we didn't do duck-and-cover exercises in Lake Charles, La. Were they still in vogue in Hope in the next decade? Or is this just another handy fable?

PS -- Wikipedia's entry on duck-and-cover indicates the practice persisted in some places into the 1980s.

ALSO: The Huckster is either a surging second or a faltering fifth in Florida, depending on which poll you choose to believe.

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