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Googling Huck



Mother Jones examines Mike Huckabee's fiscal record, plus remarks on Iran and gay people. Washington Post notes step-up in criticism as he gains ground.

(P.S. -- I don't have a clue what Huckabee's spokesman is talking about in saying a member of the media filed ethics complaints against Huckabee and then the same "media" dismissed them. I did no such a thing. However, I have on occasion sided with Huckabee on ethics complaints filed by others. A good example is the infamous destruction of hard drives. I think he destroyed information that arguably didn't qualify for a working papers exception under the FOI. Most of all, I think the action reflected his obsession with secrecy and presented the appearance, if not fact, of a man with things to hide. But I have said from the beginning I didn't see the basis for an ethics complaint on the action. And I'm doubtful about the merits of the pending lawsuit by Jim Parsons as well.  You can quote me, Mike.)

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