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Bad moon rising



FIRST A CORRECTION: The original post credited this to Stephens Media's Harry King, because that's how it was listed on the Arkansas News website. (I did wonder why King was shown with two columns today.) And I should have known that the tone was decidedly un-Harry like. John Brummett informs that it is his work. Sorry to both.

Harry King John Brummett beholds the Hog soap opera and outlines some scenarios for Friday, one being that the Hogs beat LSU and then Nutt does the Johnny Paycheck thing.

After the game, one of these things will happen:

-Everyone in an official role will say nothing is decided and that we will soon have the usual annual review of the coach's performance.

-A school official will say that, yes, those reports of the coach's departure were basically correct and that this game was Houston's last, because he's been here a long time and all that off-the-field stuff simply has become too distracting and divisive.

-After leading the fans in the fight song, Houston will tell everybody to take the job and shove it, then moon us and announce that he's accepting a job somewhere else, perhaps in the automotive sales field.

That option about mooning - it would be a fitting departure for the coach, and it would serve the rest of us about right.

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