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Crummy photo, I know. But this is my view of the Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade from my sister-in-law's apartment. With the window cracked (and we need the air on a 65-degree day) the sounds of the bands bounce right up to the kitchen, where the turkey is about to go in the oven. I've peeled the onions for creamed onions. My rolls survived the plane flight. I tore through the Whole Foods in Columbus Circle yesterday (well, battled through an immense horde of people is more like it) to put together a relish tray (organic canned cranberry sauce, how about that?). My daughter is bringing sweet potatoes and pies -- and Waldorf salad. The corned bread dressing is in progress. We have chocolate turkeys from Jaques Torres' shop. There will be eight of us and I hope everyone is as happy as we plan to be.

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