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Credit where due. A Louisiana news article about that state's approval by the feds to provide free prenatal care to pregnant undocumented immigrants brings this reminder from a former Huckabee administration hand:

Am reminded that Arkansas, under Huckabee, was either the first or second state to exercise the option to extend coverage to undocumented pregnant women.  It came about after a breakfast between the governor and Catholic Bishop Sartain, arranged by the diocese's social justice ministry.  It was one of those cases where he listened to the logic and made a decisive decision….one of the reasons I liked working for the man.   He caught grief from some of his party…but he stuck to his guns.

The governor did have a soft spot for immigrants. To his credit, we've always said. Speaking of Huck, Rasmussen's latest has him farther back than other polls this week in Iowa, a three-way tie for second.


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