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Invasion of the body snatchers -- UPDATE II



Chris Cranford made a documentary on the Whitewater trial of the McDougals and Jim Guy Tucker back in 1996. It included a brief interview with Gov. Mike Huckabee on the question about what he would do, should he be president, if aliens landed in the U.S. Your video treat for the day.

UPDATE: Also on the video front today, the Club for Growth is gleefully promoting a clip dug up by an Arkansas blogger in which Huckabee pleads with the legislature for a tax increase, any kind of tax increase. In his defense, one was needed at the time. In criticism of him, he never pursued rational tax policy and consequently he ran a thoroughly irrational administration. If he wasn't desperate to cut taxes, he was desperate to ridicule those who thought the state needed the money or he was desperate to raise taxes.  His record: he refused to back needed taxes at one  point; he passed an income tax surcharge at another point; he drove politicians to cover at another point with the "Tax Me More Fund"; he raised taxes for schools at another point; he raised taxes for highways at another point; he never removed any portion of the sales tax on groceries at any point, and, after all this, lhe eft a huge unspent surplus. Giant surpluses are not a sign of sound management at the state level, contrary to what some commentators have suggested. Either you're not maximizing services to citizens or you're assessing too many taxes, depending on your point of view.


UPDATE: The Club for Growth is also nailing Huckabee, by video, on his serial lying that voters approved the gas tax for highways. That was legislation he signed. Voters approved the bond issue. Ernest Dumas has explained this repeatedly, but Huckabee continues to lie. It is a lie, not a mistake, when you know the truth and you tell the opposite -- not once, but over and over.

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