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Brummett is still on the Huckabee bandwagon, predicting his victory in Iowa. ... David Sanders, meanwhile, delves into the misbegotten Arkansas endorsement release that Huck's staff put together.... The Washington Post writes about Huckabee's new aggressiveness in Iowa. (Unlike the NY Times last week, which seemed to put the dirt floors in his own lifetime, the Wash. Post has it that Huckabee's saying he's "one generation" away from dirt floors and outhouses. The dirt floor issue seems likely to get some further questioning should he burst into a front-runner's position. There's also the question of what hardship that dirt floor, if it is real, conferred on Huckabee himself. I mean I'm "one generation" away from a mother and father who served in the China-Burma-India Theater in WW II, but it wasn't too hard on me.)

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