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Priority One consumer alert from ArkBlog Consumer Editor Mark M. Down:

In about 10 days the best liquor store in Little Roc, Colonial Wines and Spirits, is moving into a huge new location — the site of the old Pinnacle Ford dealership on West Markham about a block west of the Markham/Shackleford logjam. It's just down the hill from Macaroni  Grill. The Colonial boys say they should be open a week from Saturday. The new place is huge.

I pass this along from a reader because I cheer the day that LR joins the ranks of big cities with warehouse-size beverage outlets, with broad and deep selections. A place in the league of, say, Spec's in Houston or Sam's in Chicago may not be in our reach yet, but this sort of move is a start in that direction. Readers' thoughts are welcome on favorites in the beverage trade here.

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