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More important things to do



"We cannot do the federal government's job for them." -- Gov. Mike Beebe, on his radio show this morning. I didn't hear the full exchange, but the discussion seemed to concern the state's plans to enforce immigration laws. The state has passed a law allowing State Police to do more, but as yet hasn't taken on the duties. Beebe said local police agencies were "taxed" by crime and emphasized that immigration enforcement was the federal government's responsibility. Amen and amen. (It is not a crime, by the way, to be in the U.S. without, or with expired, papers, it is a civil violation.)

UPDATE: An added quote from the governor's appearance concerning immigration enforcement:  “I can tell you, as governor, that I don’t have the resources to do it, and I’m not going to raise your taxes to do the federal government’s job.” 

And apparently, contrary to my original phrasing of this item, his specific reference to laws passed by the legislature was to the 2007 bill to crack down on state contractors and sub-contractors who hire undocumented workers. 


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