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I'm back from Helena. It was a nice day to drive through the cotton fields, mostly picked. The funeral was a rich remembrance of a universally loved wife, mother, grandmother, aunt, cousin, teacher, friend. We should all wish to be remembered half so fondly. The women of First Methodist put on a fine lunch. If only I could make those rolls.

A quick scan of an overflowing e-mailbox indicates ...

Attorney General Dustin McDaniel has approved the revised popular name and ballot title for the state lottery amendment, though the opinion says confusion still exists over just what 'lotteries' mean (it could mean any state-operated game of chance, according to at least one court opinion elsewhere)...

..... The Disability Rights Center has detailed another case where a troubled juvenile seems to have fallen through the many cracks in the state's system for treating such kids.

... More right-wing flak, this time from Hugh Hewitt, for The Huckster.

... The Huckster blames Bill Clinton for Wayne Dumond. Swear.

...The Arkansas Supreme Court says Nabholz Construction doesn't have to give up documents on UAF dorm work under an FOI claim by a contractors group. The outcome might have been different had the University been named as a defendant and it could have been argued that it effectively controlled documents in the company's possession.


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