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Favorite daughter -- UPDATED



The UA has released its 2007 Arkansas Poll and among the usual trove of interesting data are results on questions about the presidential race. Sorry, Mike.

"If the presidential election were held today, who would you vote for for president?"

Hillary Clinton -- 35 percent

Rudy Giuliani -- 8 percent

Mike Huckabee -- 8 percent

Undecided -- more than 25 percent.

Among those with Democratic leanings, a heavy majority thought Clinton would win the nomination and the general election. Among a group of Republican names put to respondents, only Giuliani drew a majority (56 percent) who believed he could be elected. Others: Thompson, 45; Huckabee, 44; McCain, 32, and Romney, 28.

Among other topics, a bare 53 cent said they supported prohibition of adoption and foster parenting by gays and lesbians. (Remember that a pending ballot proposal by the Family Council to accomplish this would also prohibit adoption and foster parenting by unmarried heterosexual couples, an important negative in the campaign to defeat the gay-bashing measure.)

Said poll director Dr. Janine Parry, "...just because we don't like something doesn't mean we want to outllaw it. My sense, having tinkered with these questions for a few years now, is that while most people may not desire this for their own families, many Arkansans -- both liberals and conservatives -- are still uncomfortable dictating the family arrangements of others."

On other topics: Yes, Arkies thinks global warming is happening. The economy is the top area of respondents' concerns. Bush's approval rating is at 30, no doubt thanks to a disproportionately high report from Yellow Dog Republican NW Ark. Still not so hot overall in a state that Bush carried twice by wide margins. If Arkansas in 2008 proves pivotal, as it did in 2000 ....

Approval ratings: Gov. Mike Beebe at 70, Sens. Pryor and Lincoln at 53 and 50.

Abortion: 41 percent want to make an abortion harder to obtain. 13 percent want to make it easier and 36 percent want no change in existing law. The rest wouldn't say. But you could readily conclude that a majority prefer to keep abortion legal.

Gay marriage/civil union: Support for some form of recognition continues its inch upward. 43 percent support one or the other. 51 percent oppose both.

Immigration: A wide majority favors some type of legal status, whether temporary or a path toward legal residency, for unauthorized immigrants. Only 27 percent support deportation of all "undocumented immigrrants." (But, as we know, that 27 percent is REALLY angry and loud. See La Chingada in Rogers,)

ERA: Please circulate this to the wusses, sexists and cavemen of the Arkansas legislature: It's supported 73-18.

Check www3.uark.edu/arkpoll for more data.

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