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Moon over Mike



The Moonie Washington Times is, if nothing else, a useful source of information on right-wing political intrigue. Here, it's the "bitter" behind-the-scenes division on the Mike Huckabee presidential candidacy. Too liberal, the red-hot righties like former Ark. Sen. Rep. Randy Minton say. Just right, say some others. Grover Norquist clearly wants The Huckster to run against Mark Pryor.

From other side of the aisle this morning is the NY Times' Paul Krugman, lamenting the rush to broadening war with Iran among Republicans and taking a swipe at Mike Huckabee along the way:

And Mike Huckabee, whom reporters like to portray as a nice, reasonable guy, says that if Hillary Clinton is elected, “I’m not sure we’ll have the courage and the will and the resolve to fight the greatest threat this country’s ever faced in Islamofascism.” Yep, a bunch of lightly armed terrorists and a fourth-rate military power — which aren’t even allies — pose a greater danger than Hitler’s panzers or the Soviet nuclear arsenal ever did.

And finally this morning, Brummett delves into the national media's warmth toward Huckabee. It's a product, he says, akin to the early warmth toward Bill Clinton. Though people who know him best might say he has plenty of warts, he still is more attractive than much of the rest of the field.


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