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Saturday slacking



Sorry. I've had things to do. Great day for a wedding. Also a great day for football if I could get excited about playing chittlins, which I can't. If UAF continues to insist on loading up, how about at least loading up McNeese State, so I can see my hometown Cowboys (undefeated at last report) in action.

E-mail reveals a link to a nice LA Times feature on a guy who travels the world hunting meteorites. He lives in NW Ark., story says.

Another reader is horrified that this humongous bump in athletic spending got buried in a Stephens Media account of state higher education news and not reported at all in the D-G:

John Davidson, the Higher Education Department's financial manager, reported that athletic expenditures at the Arkansas ' 11 state-supported universities and 22 state-supported two-colleges totaled $98 million in 2006-07, an increase of 26 percent over the previous year.

Slightly more than the inflation rate, eh? And the results are really showing. By the way, what about those midnight contract extensions granted UAF football coaches in February? It didn't get prominent play in Friday's D-G, but Wally was wailing about them on radio Friday, with ample justificaiton. More FOIs needed. Who authoirized those extensions? Is the Nutt bro. going to be paid for two years for not working? Who IS in charge at UA-Walton branch?

Another reader commends this Washington Post piece, which I'd read earlier today, about the frustration of American troops with the sectarian violence and the general hopelessness of the Iraqi situation. It's not worth another American life, the troops say. Amen to that,.

And anything else you want to talk about is fair game here.

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