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Huckstering: The End Times



A Huffington Post blogger catches Mike Huckabee's act on Glenn Beck Friday, when he said Armageddon may be upon us (or maybe not for a while yet). Blogger comments:

Do we really want him in charge of the nuclear button the next time 19 zealots blow up a building, or some potentate rattles a cage? He's already on record as saying we're in World War III, and the mixture of religious extremism and militarism is potent. Maybe he thinks the world isn't aggressive enough, that the British should have attacked, say, Saudi Arabia after the London subway bombing instead of using Scotland Yard to nab the terrorists. After all, why oversee boring police work when you can overreact and become God's own "Commander Guy?"

Though it makes some nervous, Huckabee's outward churchiness helps him in other circles.

And, from a different perspective, just when you're covered up with reasons to be VERY nervous about a Huckabee presidency, comes a publication from the anti-immigrant English First group, which, in the course of jumping Huckabee for kindness toward immigrants, reminds us that he has redeeming qualities.

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