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Mmmmm....lox and bagels



Just got back from the Jewish Food Fest in the River Market. Hundreds of folks were out to eat difficult-to-pronounce food that's usually hard to find 'round these parts. Nobody looked disappointed. I know I left super-sated, if frustrated that I could only eat so much. On the menu: thick corned beef and pastrami sandwiches, kosher hot dogs, brisket, kabobs, falafel, potato kinishes, chopped liver, bagels, matzah ball soup, latkes, kugel, blintzes and lots of other desserts. I got the kabobs, because they looked the most substantive, and topped it with lox spread on a bagel, from the esteemed H&H Bagels in New York.

Everything was proper. The bagel was a revelation after so many grocery store imitations. The kabobs were ground beef mixed with spices and came with delicious, chunky hummus, Jerusalem salad and pita.

There's tons of baked goods, too. I picked up some gooey apple strudel for later.

The festival runs until 4 p.m. today.


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