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The Hutchinsons divided



Funny squib in Stephens Media coverage of The Huckster.

Support for Huckabee's presidential bid does not run deep in the Hutchinson family.

Jeremy Hutchinson, a former state legislator and son of former U.S. Sen. Tim Hutchinson, is helping Fred Thompson's campaign for the GOP nomination.

His father and his uncle, former congressman Asa Hutchinson, have endorsed Huckabee.

"I wish Governor Huckabee well, he's doing very well, and I'm confident he'll continue to do well," Jeremy Hutchinson said. "I don't think my support matters much anyway. It's not going to affect either one of their fortunes."

Jeremy Hutchinson said he thought Thompson had a broader base of support and could better compete in the general election.

Huckabee, when asked about the younger Hutchinson's endorsement, said: "The more mature, seasoned and experienced Hutchinsons are with me, and I'll leave it at that and thank them for it."

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