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Huckabee and safe sex



Yes, as Wonkette notes here, Mike Huckabee blurts out something stupid on a fairly regular basis. In this case, he equates safe sex with drunk driving and domestic abuse. They have him on video. Huffington Post reported originally on the statement at a New Hampshire event. The context was a question about increased funding to fight AIDS and the likelihood this would mean condom distribution as one means of preventing the spread of AIDS. Said Huck:

"If we really are serious about stopping a problem, whether it's drunk drinking...we don't say "Don't drive 'as drunk'?" ...This is an illogical thing that we apply to that one area that we don't apply to any other area. And I'm open-minded to all the arguments, if someone can convince me a little reckless behavior is OK. Maybe that's the message. But it would seem to me that if we're consistent in saying reckless behavior is undesirable we should ask people to move their behavior to the standard and not move the standard to the behavior...We don't say that a little domestic violence is OK, just cut it down a little, just don't hit quite as hard. We say it's wrong."

However else you want to spin it, sounds like he's against condoms, but that would be in keeping with the failed abstinence policy he favored in Arkansas.


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