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Caucusing for speaker -- UPDATE



State House members caucused today. Afterwards, I'm told, there was an "organizational meeting" for Rep. Robbie Wills' campaign to be House speaker in 2009. The report is that 52 attended and three more sent regrets and notes of support for his candidacy. For Kremlin watchers, public attendance at such a meeting is viewed as a sign of support. With 55 votes of 100 members in an expected four-way race, Wills would suddenly appear the favorite. But, as Rep. Will Bond learned in advance of the 2007 sessions, some of these fellows just don't tell the truth. UPDATE: This cuts both ways, by the way. Speaker Benny Petrus said 63 reps. "looked me in the eye" and committed to vote for him. He got 58.

In other news, I see Under the Dome is reporting that the proposed rule to ban snuff and chewing tobacco from the House floor failed. He has the roll call.

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