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Two faces of Huck



Interesting. The D-G today front-pages a story that strikes an upbeat tone on Mike Huckabee's candidacy, despite his 14th-place standing in fund-raising, largely on the strength of a fourth-place showing in one recent poll of Iowa Republican voters. (Has anybody ever got so much mileage out of busing a few hundred evangelicals to an Iowa straw poll?)

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David Sanders, who's been in the belly of the Republican beast machine, sees it differently. "Treading water, barely" is how he characterizes the Huckabee candidacy. And he has some insight from his associations with Huckabee staffers on the Wayne Dumond disaster, which, as we mentioned earlier, is getting some attention in Iowa this week.

Also on the presidential front: Huckabee is one of the few Republicans going somewhat green on global warming, a switch for the former scourge of environmentalist wackos. Now he R one, too. Good.

And, finally, kind words for the Huck from a frequent critic, the Arkansas Leader.

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