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He's back



Here's the headline on an article in the latest issue of Intelligence Report, the magazine of the Southern Poverty Law Center, which pursues white supremacists and haters of all stripes.

The Ravening Wolf

A Catholic-bashing cultist's reemergence has ex-followers -- and residents of a small Arkansas town -- demanding action.


The cultist is Tony Alamo, free after serving four years on tax charges. He has churches in Fort Smith and Fouke. He has a guarded compound in Fouke, near Texarkana. People there aren't happy about it and fear his followers may have taken over the town council. The article says he has multiple "wives," some of them shockingly young. He has begun attacking opponents on local radio, suggesting, the article says, that God will exterminate his "Vaticanite" detractors.

It's a disturbing report. It recounts much of his sordid past in Arkansas. His wife, Susan, has not yet risen from the dead as he expected.

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