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Sixteen tons



By most folks' standards, Lt. Gov. Bill Halter loaded tons of campaign contributions in the third quarter of this year toward retiring debt from his 2006 race. But, if he's not deeper in debt like Tennessee Ernie, he's still deep in debt.

Halter raised $91,470 toward his first primary debt, reducing it to $164,346

He raised $14,250 toward his primary runoff debt, now down to $82,401

He raised $107,711 toward his general election debt, now $326,297.

Another half-mil and he'll be close to breaking even on the money he advanced to his campaign.

Credit this: All the contributions came from a roster of familiar Arkansans and Arkansas-based businesses (save one from the Texas side of Texarkana), not from hedge fund and tech world pals in furrin places.

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