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Meanwhile, back at the prosecutor


The Democrat-Gazette did the Ron Quillin story from beginning to end Sunday -- the four wives, the footsie, the fat-dissolving injections with public money. But I also got to thinking: Do you have any idea how many times audits of public agencies turn up $40,000 thefts in the course of a year? Lots and rarely with this sort of attention (but also rarely do the thieves leave sexy e-mail trails). Prison (Quillin probably will serve a couple of years) is perfectly in order for these white collar public miscreants. But, I wondered, whatever happened to the guy who seemingly embezzled more than $200,000 in bogus expense payments from a state regulatory board? No charges yet. Nor full restitution, either, last time anyone checked. To name one. Remember the county official who run up about $40,000 in charges on a county's Wal-Mart account?

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