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Dumond -- again


Jan Mickelson, an influential radio talk show host on WHO in Des Moines, took up the issue of Wayne Dumond today, to Mike Huckabee's discomfort. He linked to our prize-winning story on Huckabee's advocacy of Dumond's freedom and it was mentioned several times during the show. Mickelson interviewed Huckabee-era Parole Board members Deborah Suttlar and Charles Chastain, who were able to talk about Huckabee's efforts in Dumond's behalf, and the Kansas City prosecutor who convicted Dumond of a sex-related murder after Dumond was released with Huckabee's best wishes. A Huckabee researcher reportedly attempted to refute some of the statements. He was unsuccessful. He tried, for example, to say Huckabee had never met with the Parole Board. The Parole Board members quickly dispensed with that nonsense. And it was noted that Huckabee's recent book baldly misstates that Dumond died before being convicted of any murders in Missouri. He was convicted in one and was a prime suspect in another similar killing when he died in prison.

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