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Mike Huckabee's blood money



I didn't know until a California reporter mentioned it to me today that Novo Nordisk had distributed 35,000 copies of a Spanish translation of Mike Huckabee's weight loss book. The news release doesn't mention if he gave up royalties on this public service. Huckabee has, however, reported a $17,500 honoraria from Novo Nordisk. Novo Nordisk, among others, sells products to diabetics and Huckabee said dealing with the onset of that disease inspired his weight loss.

Interestingly, an investment in  Novo Nordisk caused a bit of a problem for Mitt Romney because the company uses embryonic stem cell research, which he says he opposes. He divested himself after this investment -- in a blind trust -- was discovered.

Huckabee's position on stem cells:

With respect to stem cells, I support federal funding of research using existing stem cell lines. I do not believe in creating life for the sole purpose of destroying it. I'm encouraged by recent discoveries showing that stem cells from the umbilical cord offer great promise.

Huckabee's position re taking money from people who do embryonic stem cell research: Take the money and book sales and run for president.

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