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Constitution? What Constitution?



A blogger notes Mike Huckabee's response to a question in this week's Republican debate about taking military action against another country without seeking congressional approval.

In striking contrast to [Ron] Paul, however, the most shocking answer of all was given by none other than the mild-mannered, outwardly likeable Mike Huckabee. The Arkansas governor's public persona is that of a small-town mayor chock full of down-home American wisdom straight from the heartland, measured and never shrill. Yet the friendly farmer down the road evaporated before our eyes, and something awful and Cheney-like appeared in his place, when Matthews directed his question at Huckabee:

"Governor Huckabee, same question. Do you need Congress to approve such an action?

HUCKABEE: A president has to [do] whatever is necessary to protect the American people. If we think Iran is building nuclear capacity that could be used against us in any way, including selling some of the nuclear capacity to some other terrorist group, then, yes, we have a right...

MATTHEWS: Without going to Congress?

HUCKABEE: And I would do it in a heartbeat."

"In a heartbeat" – there goes the Constitution!

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