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Election fallout -- 'Free Ride' kaput



Fans of Scott Wallace's morning show, the "Free Ride," on KARN will be disappointed to learn he's no longer at the station. Others, well, not so disappointed, we'd guess

The story is that Wallace is gone as at least a byproduct of his favoritism toward Anna Swaim in the Little Rock School Board runoff with winner Micheal Daugherty. Wallace has been as obsessed as Bob Powers, self-anointed district ombudsman, with the supposed villainy of the school board's ruling majority, which includes Daugherty

As told to me by one source with some familiarity with the situation, Wallace went over the line with an endorsement and air time for Swaim, so much so that a complaint to station management about Wallace led to a broadcast statement election day of some sort. It was characterized to me as an apology.

Neal Gladner, a KARN spokesman, confirms that Wallace is no longer on the station. He said he otherwise couldn't discuss personnel issues. He said he'd been on vacation himself recently and though he'd heard of some sort of statement on air related to this issue, he referred questions to Dave Elswick, the program director. I have a call in. I've also left a message for Wallace.

UPDATE: Elswick confirms that Wallace, who was off the air Monday to attend a golf tournament, was on the air Tuesday and broadcast a statement that day apologizing for calling Daugherty a "racist" on a show last Thursday. He was back on the air Wednesday, but didn't appear today and Elswick said he would not be returning. Elswick said any reasons for the departure would be a personnel matter that he could not discuss.

My original source said Wallace returned to harsh School Board commentary Wednesday morning. He'll have to find another outlet now.

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