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I caught only clips and some analysis on Hardball, but it seems tonight's Republican debate was dominated by Romney and Giuliani, with Fred Thompson making an OK entry. Less talk about Mike Huckabee tonight, though he had a good-spirited interview after with Chris Matthews.

The Club for Growth was ready with a knock on most of them, particularly Huckabee:

Huckabee is the John Edwards of the Republican presidential candidates, favoring populist class-warfare rhetoric over free-market principles.  His refusal to embrace free trade and his refusal to support the President’s veto of SCHIP merely reaffirms what the Club for Growth PAC has been saying since day one: Tax Hike Mike is a big-government liberal in elephant’s clothing.

Anybody hear it? "Refusal to support" the SCHIP veto? Did he actually say he would have signed the legislation? Big difference.


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