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Carjacker arrest -- UPDATE



At 2 a.m. this morning, Kaylon Carrothers, 18, turned himself into the Little Rock police to face multiple robbery charges. He's charged with five robbery, five theft and one kidnapping charge in a string of crimes in the Hillcrest/Capitol View neighborhoods. They include a home intrusion on Edgerstoune Lane, the carjacking of a young woman from an alley on Midland Avenue, robbery of two men sitting on a porch on Grove Circle and a robbery of man near the White Water Tavern.

Lt. Terry Hastings said further charges are possible as police continue to analyze evidence such as fingerprints -- particularly in a home intrusion in the Kingwood area similar to the method used on Edgerstoune. A warrant had been outstanding on Carrothers since the Midland carjacking -- in which the robber made the woman drive to an ATM and withdraw cash before he released her -- and police had been "beating the bushes pretty hard" to find Carrothers. The warrant was issued Sept. 5.

Carrothers listed an address of 3012 W. 12th. Hastings said he lived there with a girlfriend and child. According to Hastings, Carrothers would walk a few blocks over to the Hillcrest neighborhood to search for targets. On Edgerstoune Lane, he apparently turned off power at two houses as a means to determine who was inside before finally choosing one to rob. There were signs he'd cased at least four houses on the street (including mine, I discovered belatedly) before robbing a young woman in one of the homes and stealing her car and a bank card, among other items.

He dumped a couple of the cars he stole near his house, then walked back home. He's now in the County Jail.

Hastings said Carrothers' record included one theft and one domestic battery charge, but no previous robbery arrests.

UPDATE: I'll spare the details, but the police also nabbed three other suspects over the weekend that seem likely to clear a good number of thefts and car break-ins downtown, in the Heights and elsewhere. A guy with a felony record out for a stroll about 2 a.m. at Kavanaugh and Polk drew officers' attention in one case.

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