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LR justice UPDATED



We just spotted cops roughly take down (repeated knees to the side by one of three cops on top of a man with his face to the ground) a suspected malefactor on a Markham Street sidewalk, just outside the chamber of commerce. A host of cops responded to the scene. After the alleged perp was cuffed and placed in the back of the cruiser, our team of reporters sidled up and asked what was going on. "You're about this close to obstruction," said one of LR's finest as the lead reporter, a middle-aged woman with a cast on her broken foot, was ordered to move along.

So there you have it. Asking an LR cop a question on a public right of way in broad daylight is obstruction of justice or, possibly more correctly, obstruction of government operations. Does it give you any cause to wonder what might happen on a mean, dark street in another part of town?

UPDATE: Still waiting for the written report, but a police spokesperson said she expected the suspect, described as a homeless man, to be charged in this case with assaulting an officer. Details are not yet available on the nature of the assault or how it arose.

As for the police response to our questions, Officer Cassandra Davis said: "Our officers really don't feel comfortable answering questions from the media. Most of them don't like talking to reporters for one reason or another." Davis added that while an officer could ask a reporter to move if he or she was physically in the way during an arrest, reporters were allowed to ask questions. If the officers on scene don't care to answer the reporter's questions, Davis said that she hoped they would respectfully ask the reporter to contact the police information officer.

Sounds good to us.

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