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Crime, crime and more crime


It's been a rough 24 hours in parts of Little Rock -- first a rush-hour shootout on Asher Avenue just south of UALR that left one person dead, another injured and passing drivers ducking behind their dashboards, and then a woman found shot in the head on MLK Boulevard this morning. That's 35 homicide victims for the year. Police this morning released the name of the man killed on Asher: Tyrone Penn, 20, of Little Rock. The injured man, a bystander, is expected to survive. Police also released the names of two suspects: James Cribbs (below left) and Cameron Bryant.

And in less lethal but still unsettling news, recognize this masked man?

He's the suspect in two recent home invasion robberies in Hillcrest and Kingwood, shown here at an ATM wearing a mask he stole from one of the homes. In both incidents the robber cut off the power to the houses late at night, then busted in when the residents opened their doors to investigate. At one house, he even forced his victim to carry a large-screen TV to his waiting vehicle. Nervy.
Police are now telling people not to go outside if their power goes out -- instead, look out a window to see if neighbors' power is out as well, and if it's not, call the police.

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