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School electioneering


Anna Swaim, who's in a runoff for Zone 2 on the LR School Board with incumbent Micheal Daugherty, reports an interesting campaign tactic by Daugherty supporters in a newsletter to supporters. His flyer noted the Democrat-Gazette's endorsement and quotes, she said, from "the unreasonably nasty editorial comments the paper has made about the black majority board members." Read more on the jump.


On Election Day, I saw people wearing Re-Elect Daugherty shirts handing out papers at the polls that showed Mr. Daugherty on one half with his resume and a picture of me on the other half, with an image of a rolled-up Arkansas Democrat-Gazette and a list of all the unreasonably nasty editorial comments the paper has made about the black majority board members.

Yes, the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette endorsed me, but they did so knowing that I support the Classroom Teachers Association's collective bargaining agreement and am not a fan of the district's merit pay program. Those editorial writers see the big picture, however, and know that agreeing or disagreeing on one or two hot-button issues is NOT what this school board election means for our community.

I visited the newspaper's editorial board and Max Brantley at the Arkansas Times for the same reason I appeared on Terence Bolden's radio show on KABF with Mr. Daugherty--to continue an open discussion about the future of our public school system. Mr. Bolden is a vocal Daugherty supporter, but that did not dissuade me from participating. I claim that radio appearance as one of the campaign's highlights.

Honestly, black and white voters tell me they'd like to see someone on the school board who has children in public schools and who won't waste district resources on contract buyouts, litigation and inflated salaries. I agree! CTA members want to know if I will recognize their collective bargaining agreement. You bet!

Voters can rely on me to make intelligent, informed decisions, based on sound information. The deciding factor in every choice? A determination of what's best for my two young sons and the more than 26,000 other students in the Little Rock School District. Plain and simple.

Over the last decade, I have established a track record of community service and working with a variety of people to produce results on behalf of others. Nothing about my character, convictions or commitment has changed.

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