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LR gets the boot



Proud Little Rock officials today showed off to the press the boot that will be clamped on cars that officers discover have amassed $250 or more in parking tickets. It's an effort to reduce the tab of the persistent scofflaws who park where they want and pay no fines, knowing that the tickets eventually cycle out of the system. No more. Perhaps.

We're hoping to get a report on the first bootee. That won't happen until at least Wednesday, when the program takes effect. It needs a final tweak from the city board tonight, apparently.

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Drivers in Little Rock who have accrued at least $250 in parking fines now face the probability that their car will be immobilized until all fines are paid thanks to a new program. 

Little Rock Mayor Mark Stodola and City Director Joan Adcock were joined by personnel from the City’s Public Works and Police Departments to discuss the new car “booting” policies and procedures.

“For too long these habitual offenders have not only ignored the City, they have openly defied City ordinances,” said Director Adcock.  “I am pleased that with the new ordinance, and the car boots, they will see that the City is serious about enforcing our ordinances and collecting what is owed to us.”

Public Works Director Steve Haralson explained the process. 

Once a vehicle has accrued $250 or greater in unpaid parking tickets, the vehicles information is loaded into a computer that the City’s Parking Enforcement Technicians carry.  When one of the offending vehicles is located, Parking Enforcement, in conjunction with the Little Rock Police Department, will immobilize the car by placing the “Boot” on the front left tire of the vehicle.

Drivers of immobilized vehicles will have to call 501-371-4528 to find out how much money is owed.  Fines are to be paid between 8am and 4:30pm at the Little Rock District Court Building located at 600 West Markham (between City Hall and the Police Department).

Once any and all fines have been paid, the Little Rock District Court staff will notify Parking Enforcement.  The immobilization device will be removed after that.

If all fines have not been paid within 24 hours of immobilization, the vehicle will be towed to the City’s impound lot located at 7801 Jamison Road. Notice will be given on the vehicle establishing the deadline to pay in full to avoid towing.  If the vehicle is taken to the impound lot, owners will incur additional towing and storage fees which must be paid in full before the vehicle will be released.

Once a vehicle has accrued at least $250 in unpaid parking fines, the vehicle will remain on the list until all fines have been paid.  Even if the owner pays some money which would reduce the outstanding amount below the $250 threshold, the vehicle will stay on the list.

“Let me reassure citizens, if you have recently received one or two parking tickets, there is no need to worry about car booting,” said Mayor Stodola.  “The people who flagrantly disregard the City ordinance are the only ones who need to be concerned.   I think there will be some surprised people over the next few days and weeks as they come out to their cars and find that their car has been immobilized.  Once word gets out that these car ‘boots’ are being used, I think we will see more citizens come in to pay their fines to not risk the immobilization of their vehicle.”


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