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A reader asks: Did the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette publish this year's National Merit Scholarship semi-finalists? (We reported in last week's paper on the Arkansas high schools, led by Central, that produced the most semi-finalists.)

Answer: The list never ran in the Little Rock edition of the newspaper as best we could tell.

The list did run in the NW edition of the D-G, however. Perhaps the newspaper war produces more pages for important community news like this. Or perhaps this is a Little Rock editor's quirk. You can read the names of winners by copying and pasting the following link (in case you didn't know, the DOG redirects links coming from our site to their paid site, rather than the NW site, which is free, but this maneuver gets around that):

It will be interesting to see if the newspaper next week runs the National Achievement semi-finalists, the scholarship program for black students. If NW Ark. performance is a factor in the decision (Fayetteville High had the second-biggest number of National Merit semi-finalists), it might not even make the regional edition. There are few black students in Washington and Benton counties and, as a consequence, they typically produce few National Achievement winners.

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