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The lottery is back -- UPDATE



Talk Business reveals that Bill Halter (lt. gov., remember?) is still alive.

And he is promising to lead an initiative campaign to put a state lottery on the 2008 ballot, presumably with revenue dedicated to college scholarships.

Confession: If this passes, it will saddle the poor with paying for college scholarships for middle- and upper-income whites, if the Georgia experience is any guide. It also will falsely convince voters that the state is making an adequate financial commitment to education, thus making increased outlays harder to pass. But .... I'm ready to play Powerball. The daydreams you can buy for a buck are better than anything on TV.

UPDATE: Here's a link to Halter's announcement and related press materials. I've asked some questions about who'll join him in the campaign and who'll be paying to gather signatures and advertise it. BUT, he declines to answer those questions at this time.

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